WEB development


We create complex web-projects and internet-services . We use both our own developments and already existing decisions from the market leaders.

It helps to save client's money and time, because we don't need to «reinventing the wheel». Also we create modern websites and make their seo-optimization.


Mobile apps development


We make native mobile applications for iOS and Android. We can do it both from scratch and using our ready-made modules, which suit for such spheres as food, medicine, commerce, delivery, entertainment and so on. We help our clients to rise their revenue and acquire loyal customers, because they can easily and quickly order goods, make appointments and use their bonuses.


IT-solutions development


We can analyze your business processes and find «hidden points of grows» which can be modernized by new IT-technologies. Our team may prepare solutions for you step by step or at once. Let your software work for your business grows.


Minimal value products development


We can test your business-idea and make MVP (minimal value product). Such approach may be suitable for clients, who want to save a lot of money and firstly find out relevance of the idea. We can do a MVP for a web-site, mobile app or a more complicated software. And you may fairly quickly recognize whether customers are ready to buy it.