Application for delivery firms Mobile app for products delivery with loyalty program


The task


The task was to optimize business process in the restaurant, which deliver food.


Working process


Client's company engaged in the delivery of Japanese , Chinese and Italian food.

They wanted to make easier reception and processing of orders. All this operations they did manually. They talked to their clients by phone and wrote down orders in notes. After that notes had been brought to their cooks and deliveryman. Sometimes these notes were lost. So they wanted to have a mobile app with back-end service for getting and using clients requests. Also they were need useful records and statistics.


The result


We produced mobile app with synchronization function. It connects to the back-end service and gets actual information about catalog. Client also is able to tune loyalty program conditions. E.g. customers may earn 10 points for every dollar spent and spend them in the future.

All this procedures allow to increase the speed of customers request processing. Client's staff receive notices about requests in time. And customers may check their orders delivery status. So they don't need to phone to the our client once again.

The mobile application has:

  • Menu with food description. There are photos, food composition and so on.
  • A list of delivery addresses.
  • Ability to calculate the price of an order.
  • Ability to make mixed dishes.

Client's managers have web back-end which allow:

  • Stop any position any time.
  • Do list of customers.
  • Work a lot of managers at the same time and even remotely
  • Get notifications about new orders
  • Follow the popularity of every product

We constantly improve the app. In the latest version we added discounts, push-messages and notifications about client's operating time.

Today we are doing app integration with client's web-site. So, he would be able to receive customers orders in the single system.

We can do all such service for you. Please, submit the request to us and we will write you back in the nearest time.