«Enot» Automation in the sphere of HoReCa


The task


The client wished to bring to the market new useful service for retail and HoReCa businesses. There was a lot of good solutions for large networks and the enterprises, but they was too expensive for micro and small business. And he saw the opportunity.


The process


Client's experts interviewed owners of retail shops, cafe and restaurants. They revealed users wishes about functionality of future service. Also the compared domestic and foreign services.

As a result of research we all together formed a kernel of future service with variety of functions which satisfying 70% of wishes of the interrogated clients.


The result


We made the MVP of the product. It consisted of web-based front-end for managers and Android app for customers.

The system allows:

  • To keep financial account. It is easy to control financial operations and to monitor when and who accepted or spent any sums;
  • To trace existence of goods in a warehouse;
  • To supervise staff. The client always may see when the worker has started performance;

After that we formed certain modules in the product:

  • Menu
  • Statistics
  • Cashier's interface
  • Cook interface
  • Users base
  • Cloudy data storage

fter release of the first version of service and the first sales, it has become clear that the functionality needs to be expanded. The second round of interviews with representatives of target audience (from sellers in the markets to owners of networks of retail businesses and services) was allowed to find out what functions it is necessary to add. It gave understanding that different categories of clients need different functions and it would be better to segment service.

Now the client considers breakdown of a platform on smaller specialized services for the different markets.