Instaprice The mobile application for sharing photos with applied prices skins


The Task


We had to develop a mobile application that would allow users to effectively execute the image of goods to increase sales.


Working process


Routeam had participated in Hackathon where we met our potential customer. We've made the MVP and after that he decided to work with us. The client sent rough design. Our team made wireframes and then built the app.

The project has undergone several iterations during the development process. We optimized a lot of cumbersome features for maximizing usability of use application.


The result


We created native application for Android, that allows users to create presentable photos of their goods or services on their smartphones and easily share them. Finally the client had got two versions of application for android: free and with in-app purchase.

Application features:

  • Users can apply to their images modern frames or skins (available more than 80 frames of several subjects);
  • Add one or two prices to the photo using prices converter. It supports widespread currencies. Moreover, the application automatically converts the value using the current rate;
  • Mark the location of sale manually or from Foursquare;
  • Add a brief description of the goods;
  • Share the image created: through social networks, instant messengers or message boards.

In the final we placed the app for Android on the Google Play and handed-over the application to the company-customer. They began to make promotion and sales.