IIS «Mashuk» Integrated Information System for the annual North Caucasian Educational Forum «Mashuk»


The task


We had to create Integrated Information System for the annual North Caucasian Educational Forum «Mashuk». The system would belong to the Ministry of Education of Stavropol Region.


Working process


More than 2,000 students come to the forum annually. They present their social and business projects. Also they attend trainings and classes. After presentations experts choose who receive grants to implement their ideas.

In addition to preparing technical specifications we conducted many interviews with officials of the Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy in the North Caucasus Federal District and the government of Stavropolskiy Region, the organizers, lecturers and participants of the forum in previous years. Thus we determined the functionality of the future system.


The result


The system automated the entire process of registration and informing participants and teachers of a forum.

One of the most important component of the forum «Mashuk» education. Therefore, a key role in the functional took the learning management system.

It allowed to prepare flexible schedules of events and to inform participants of the forum about the changes. It was implemented as dashboards for users.

The second important element was the system of evaluation of the behavior and activity of each member of the forum. Every participant received personal score and rating. Thus leaders could receive prizes and benefits during presentation of their projects to the experts. This function has been implemented via SMS-messaging module with limitation of activation time. It helped to avoid fraud.

During IIS development we find out a few more features, which were need to be produced, because they takes a lot of time and resources. For example, the printing of badges for participants in the day of arrival. We added this functionality as a new module. So each participant after registration his account on the forum website could automatically generate layout badges ready to print in a single click.

Also in the system were implemented:

  • rights and rules setings;
  • statistics;
  • integration with a social network of VKontakte for monitoring of the interesting hashtags;
  • monitoring events attendance;
  • informing participants and receiving feedback from them through SMS.

Some changes in the system had to be made already during the forum.

For this purpose management of the forum had included the representative of the Routeam. He was on the place and watched the arising requirements. After it he helped to organized realization in the development office.

A lot of nuances or changes was defined during the working day. All the such offers gathered and generalized at evening meetings. Our specialists produce them in the next early mornings and participants and management could use them the next day.

In the future we plan to create a mobile application.