Passport of road traffic safety Online service for filling, maintaining, control and monitoring passports of road safety


The task


All scools in Russian Federation must have specific document. It's called passport of road traffic safety. And State Inspectorate for Road Traffic Safety (SIRTS) in every Russian region controls it. The main goal was to help SIRTS to reduce budgetary costs.


The decision


We had to interview a lot of school directors and SIRTS inspectors. So, we could understand the working process and made the unify web-standard for it in our region.


The result


We created the single wep-service, which allows SIRTS to control scools distantly. All schools of our region (it is more than 600) connected to it.

Thus scools have methodical recommendations and up-to-date information.

And SIRTS inspectors can check and correct documents.

More than it, there is a media library where users can upload and use teaching materials.

The web-service has been recognized as innovative at a meeting of the Russian traffic police in Moscow in 2013.


schools of Stavropol Regon

use the siervice