Stavropol-transtur Automation of ticket sales for the bus-travel company


The task


The main goal was to optimize the operation of the company engaged in passenger transportation by bus. All tickets were on sale in dozens of offices in different towns. And coordination between the parties was conducted over the phone. This constantly led to a lot of difficulties


The result


We have developed a single control system to coordinate sales of tickets between all cash desks and partners. It has web back-end and web front-end parts.

The client also received the convenient tool for sale of tickets and management of passengers seating. Earlier in a case of breakage of the bus all changes in passangers seating was carried out in the manual mode: managers had to phone to bus drivers and found out how many free seats they had.

Our system do these operations automatically. It counts the number of free seats in buses, chooses prefered bus tours and allow to manage booking tickets.

The system uniformed standards for registration of documents in all clients organizations. It allowed to have real-time statistics from all departments and prepare reports for supervisory authorities.

Client's customers now can book and buy tickets online. All these operations reduced staff workload and increased the company's revenues.

After all we produced iOS and Android applications with loyalty program for the client's customers. So, they can buy tickets and get push-messages with important information.

In the nearest future we are planing to create a full-fledged CRM.