Documents registry entries Web-service for work with incoming and outgoing correspondence.


The task


A state institution wanted to solve two problems. The first problem was control complexity: when they sent paper letters to their branches it was difficult to control who and when received them, registered and accepted to realization. The second problem was with archaic collecting the reporting. They did it via e-mails and paper documents.


The result


We made for the client web-based management system. It has given to the head office of department the convenient instrument of control and automated collecting reports.

The system allows:

  • to keep records about paper documents in electronic form (incoming, outgoing, orders, resolutions);
  • to conduct statement and control tasks;
  • to notify all departments and branches and have talks the general chat;
  • to take reports;
  • to send messages to employees and to see their status: has employees ignored or accepted them.

The system has simplified work with data for employees of department. All letters and orders are registered in uniform database. Search for documents became became faster with built-in filters. Sorting of correspondence became more convenient with using tags.

Now there is an opportunity to print the complete log books and to copy records in one click. The possibility of repeated document registration has been excluded. It became simpler to prepare drafts of resolutions and to dispatch them for approval.For the management of the institution the new system became the effective instrument of control. It allows set several tasks very easy.

Client plans to add new modules for working with reports.